Behind the Brand

Posted by Lashawn Seward on

“The Beginning of my Fashion Journey”

Fashion has always been more than just a passion for me; It’s a way of life. From the moment I could pick out my
clothes, I knew I had a knack for it. My love for fashion only grew stronger as I got older and soon my unique style
caught the eye of others, including someone from a popular group. Before I knew it, I was designing clothes for
their shows, marking the beginning of my journey in the fashion world.

The Forgotten Sketch That Sparked Inspiration-
The hustle and bustle of building my career in fashion, I received a sketch from an unexpected source-the security

guard at work. Despite the modesty of the gesture, I was deeply touched by the effort put into capturing me. Little
did I know that this sketch would lay dormant in my drawer for a decade, waiting to resurface at a pivotal moment
in my life.

CELASÉ: From Sketch to Symbol of Creativity-
After years of honing my craft and dreaming of my own clothing line, inspiration stuck in the most unexpected way.

While cleaning out my drawers, I stumbled upon the long-forgotten sketch of myself, and in that moment,
everything clicked. I transformed the sketch into my logo CELASÉ, representing the fusion of my initials and my
artistic vision. Today CELASÉ stands as a testament to creativity, originality, and the power of unexpected
inspiration in the world of fashion.